Savant Syndrome 

         I have whats called sudden acquired Savant Syndrome. Its quite a rare condition that is reflected in my ability to remember specific types of mechanical process in strict and specific detail with an ability to replicate a process without ever having done it before after seeing it once.  It is very limited though.  It’s hard for me to describe what it’s like.  My mind never stops making and solving mechanical problems. When I am confronted with a mechanical problem, my mind explodes with what I can only describe as virtual 3D mechanical origami. Unending exploded views of how the problem can be solved race through my mind.  It is the basis of my mechanical, sculptural work.  I thought for the longest time that everyone solved problems like this.  I also see “patterns” in everything. This sensory experience is called Synesthesia.  This is a record of one small part of the world as I see it.  It's beautiful, rhythmic and extremely profound and comforting to me.  When I was very young the patterns I saw were a complete mystery to me. I began to call them "Glyphs", which of course are markings and or languages left by people that give some insight into what they might have been like.  Usually it’s obvious someone intelligent left them but the meanings can be vague or take quite a bit of work and study to understand.  These are Glyphs I see everywhere.  I can't help but think they represent a higher order and intelligence.  I am still learning to understand why I see them and the relationship between them, me and the world I live in.